How would you Cook Food When the Power Goes Out?

How would you Cook Food When the Power Goes Out? That is a simple question an you will find many websites that offer valuable information on this. You will also find a number trying to sell you solutions. My first question to anyone on this subject is always, “Can you cook!”. I am amazed by the number of young people today who do not know how to cook. In today’s world you can get along fairly well not knowing how to cook. But in an emergency you options may be very reduced. So my first advice would be to learn to do the basics of making a meal. Now in my family everyone has food allergies. This has required that we cook most food from scratch, up to and including milling grain into flour. So we have learned a lot about preparing food from scratch. So my advice for someone getting started would be to first learn to Barbeque. That’s right, good old gas or charcoal BBQ works as a stand-alone unit when the power if off. It can be simple or as complex as your cooking skills. My daughter and I have cooked at two eggfest events this year. This is where you cook on the Big Green Egg ceramic BBQ grill for charity. We were baking bread while others were doing all sorts of smoking, grilling, baking, etc. For the beginner I would likely start with just grilling some steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, and some simple vegetables like corn, peppers, eggplant, etc. One can find tons of information on both grilling and BBQ on the Internet. You just have to go out and look. Now in August is a good time since if you do not have a BBQ or grill there are many that will be on sale or discounted for end of season.


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