How would you cook when the power is out? Part 3 the power of aluminum foil

So by now you have given some thought into how you would cook if the power is off. For those with gas appliances that was a no brainer, the same way I do today I have gas. Well some time the gas may not flow. Having the backup grill or BBQ with extra fuel is a good option as I have pointed out in previous blogs. We have talked about nonperishable foods like spam and pancakes cooked on cast iron. Now let us take a look at another valuable cooking device, aluminum foil. Yes good old aluminum foil. I imagine everyone who was in boy scouts or girl scouts cook a meal over a fire in a pouch made from aluminum foil. The last three BBQ events I was at the foil was flying. It was used for all sorts of things. For the most basic I would suggest learning to cook foiled sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, and hard squash. Why these, well potatoes and hard squash keep well. They taste great and you can put them on the grill or BBQ after you are done with the main cooking and let them cook low and slow. Then you have some nice eating later in the day or the next morning. It is so simple to do, just pull off a piece of aluminum foil big enough to cover the potato or squash. I oil the potato or squash to improve taste and help keep it from burning. Then just cover it and put it on the Grill or BBQ and close the lid on the Grill or BBQ. I then tend to close the air vents down a lot so that the coals last longer and are not as hot, low and slow. If they are not over a really hot spot they really do not need any attention. After several hours they will be done.
Another great use of the foil is the classic pouch. You can go to in the video section and see the many different ways to use aluminum foil on the grill or BBQ. The classic pouch is just a piece of foil folded in half with the sides folded about a inch in on the left and right creating a pouch with the top open. You then put into the pouch the items you wish to cook and fold the top, closing the pouch. When you place this on the Grill or BBQ it steam cooks . Some people like to use heavy grade foil and put the pouch directly into a bed of coals at a camp fire. Others like to cook it low and slow away from direct heat. A lot of this depends on what you are cooking. I would suggest you watch some videos at YouTube or the Reynolds site and then practice yourself to see what you like. Remember the key to being prepared is not doing something for the first time when you are in a emergency situation. Besides it is a fun way to cook some great food.


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