Power out, think fondue

Here is some advice from a time when my family went a week without power. I went to work every day and there was power in the area where I worked. But a large tree took out the power pole in front of our house. So every day I would pick up ice and perishables for dinner. Most evening that week my family sat at the kitchen table and did hot oil fondue.  We picked one up a fondue pot years ago and it sat in the back cupboard. All I had to do was wash it off (water still worked) and it was ready to go.  We made the best of what could have been a very bad experience. Since we had no power you could not do much when it got dark. We had candles and other lights so we made sure we had enough light to cook safely. Those were slow meals and we talked a lot over the meal. To this day my family will have a fondue night a couple times a year.

The fondue pots for hot oil fondue are made to withstand high heat and require a different type of burner.  An example of this type of burner is the Swissmar Dual Function Burner that requires gel fuel or liquid fuel and can be used for hot oil, broth or cheese fondue.



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