keeping warm when power is out.

A tip to keep warm

With the power out for many keeping warm at night is an issue for many. Some good tips can be found at:
Luckily we are not into freezing winter weather yet. Here is a tip that worked for me decades ago when I was stuck without power and it reached minus thirty degrees in Alaska. You remember building forts when you were a kid? Well I was in a cabin with several bunk beds. So my friend and I took all the mattresses off the bed and made a fort. The mattresses offered enough insolation that we slept comfortably that night. It beat the night before where I woke up with my blankets frozen to the floor. So read the tips in the link above. Please be careful with heaters and any open flames like candles. If it is really cold and you have little ones think about having fun building a fort to sleep in tonight.


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