Rotten meat and thawing freezers

Rotting meat and thawing freezer are a major problem for many people. A lot of food will be going to waste because of power outage. I had this happen to our family in the past. So we made a plan. The plan is simple. Make sure someone in a group has a mostly empty freezer. Find out what the power requirement for the freezer is and make sure someone in the group has a generator that can power the freezer. Then when the power is expected to go out, take frozen item to the freezer mark them so you know who owns what , test the generator, and make sure there is enough full available.

Now this may be too late for many of you so you may be forced to do what we did before we came up with this idea. That is to

1)      Cook and eat food as it thaws.

2)      Find dry ice to keep food frozen.

3)      Use ice to extend the life of food as it thaws out.

I wish you all the best of luck.


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