Do we really have to have looting and violence !!!!!

On November 1st 2012, rampant looting and violence have been reported in New York and New Jersey after the devastating Hurricane Sandy ravaged the US cities. It’s a crime that can almost be expected after a disaster. As Hurricane Irene pummeled the Atlantic Coast last year, looting was so prevalent that truTV put together a security footage slideshow of the crime.

So how do you deal with looting and violence in a disaster? Lets look back at the Rodney King riots

On day two of the Rodney King riots, “Korean store owners came to defend their stores and had gun battles with rioters. There were not any police or National Guard present at this point as LA burned”.

After Katrina “The looting was taking place in full view of passing National Guard trucks and police cruisers.”

So what works? The only thing I know is community. Strong sense of community has allowed people to band together in emergencies. I have seen communities that has block parties, etc. take that same sense of community and apply to address problems. Right now with Hurricane Sandy you have wolf packs which are groups of young men looting and committing acts of violence. In other areas of America these young men may have been members of a Boy Scout troop assisting their community. You know not log ago there was major flooding in Nashville Tennessee

“unlike the major problem with looting and crime that followed Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Nashville citizens have appeared to weather our storm much like Midwesterners did as floodwaters pushed through Iowa and surrounding states in June 2008.”

This is something you may wish to consider when you are locating your company!!!!


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