Help I am out of gasoline !!!!

Should we think of NGV bi-fuel vehicles for emergencies?

When I lived in Alaska we had power out for over a week in the middle of winter. I had a backup power system for my house that kept the heat working. The heating and generator ran off of natural gas. The gas lines were all underground and ran even when the local power was off.  If natural gas is reliable in your area you may wish to think of NGV bi-fuel. Today 11/01/2012 cars are running out of gasoline. Without gasoline the generators cannot run.  Cars are running out waiting in gas lines. Now what if we had NG powered generators and NG vehicles? See the new RAM:

Natural gas prices are likely to remain stable in the coming decades. Also, NG prices are more local than gasoline because of transportation costs of natural gas. So for those who have a good supply of NG in their area they may wish to factor in NGV’s and NG powered generators as part of their emergency preparedness.


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