Now comes the hard part, putting your lives back together.

Now comes the hard part after an emergency, putting your lives back together.

There are Billions of dollars of damage and a lot of that will be considered flood damage. You need to start putting together an action plan now in order to recover. First review your insurance here is a good site to review:
Now unfortunately, many policies may not cover flood damage. Hopefully you purchased flood insurance. If not then you have to make some hard decisions. Even if you are “fully insured” you will find a number of out of pocket expenses. So take some time to PLAN before you take any action. Part of your plan should be start taking pictures. Document the damage now before you start cleaning up. Prioritize any temporary repairs based on resources and preventing further damage. Find someone beside just the insurance adjuster to help determine damage and cost of repairs.  Check to see if you can file an amended claim if costs of repair are greater than what you settled for. There are a lot of great resources on the internet about dealing with insurance adjusters. I know it is hard to think of these issues when your life has been torn apart. But you have to PLAN for the future. In some cases there will be hard decisions because you may not have the money to rebuild. There will be a number of people who will be going through bankruptcy because of Sandy. For the bills and loans remain after the assets and businesses have been destroyed. Just remember you have to do what you have to do to put your life back together and start over in order to have a future.


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