Are you preparing or depending on luck?

FEMA has a website that offers some sound information on preparing for hurricanes and other emergencies.
FEMA’s information follows what I have always said.

  1. 1.       Identify risks that are likely to impact your life. Think of fire, storm, hurricane, car accident, etc.
  2. 2.       Create a plan to deal with the risks you have identified.
  3. 3.       Prepare according to the plan before a risk event.
  4. 4.       If possible test the plan. This can be as simple as changing a tire or as complete as living without power for a weekend.
  5. 5.       Be aware of risk events as they unfold.
  6. 6.       Act on your plan for the risk event.

There have been major weather events year after year in some part of the country. You can plan and protect what is important in your life. Or you can react, panic, and depend on luck.


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