Does your community have a plan for knowledge worker refuges!!!

America has now entered the age of the knowledge worker. These are people who can telecommute or work from home for at least a limited amount of the work they do. However, to do this they need the right equipment which is usually some type of laptop or iPad, a working Internet connection, and stable power supply for batteries only last a few hours. Watching Hurricane Sandy I am seeing different ways that communities are addressing this issue.

Where To Find Internet, Phone Service In New York City After Hurricane Sandy

Libraries Respond to Hurricane Sandy, Offering Refuge, WiFi, and Services to Needy Communities

Comcast offering free Wi-Fi Xfinity hotspots to Hurricane-stricken East Coasters

So did communities plan for such a need? From what I have seen some planned, some responded, and some did not have a clue. If you are a community, business, or government leader you may wish to see if your community has any plans for offering knowledge worker refuges. Such planning could be a great selling point when trying to attract businesses to your community.


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