Is it honey bucket time!!!

Something I have not thought of was the problems of living in a multi-floor building. I live in a house that has two stories and a basement. My biggest worry is the basement flooding if we have a lot of rain, which I deal with using a pump. With hurricane Sandy a lot of people lived in apartments that used elevators and needed pumps to supply water to the units. With the power out there is no water, heat, etc. Even if you stocked up on food and drinking water did you store enough water to flush the toilet!!!

Don’t flush that toilet! Sewage treatment plant to shut down in Norwalk

No water so no flushing toilets!!!

Some others who live in flooded areas had to deal with sewage backing up into homes due to flooding. Through into this the contaminated flood waters. Sanitation is a major issue in many emergencies. In other parts of the world disease follows natural disasters. A prime vector for this is untreated human waste. Two things that many people forget in an expected power outage are toilet paper and a trash can of water of water to flush the toilet. Life could have been much easier for many in apartment buildings if a few plastic trashcans had been filled with water on each floor. I can imagine that right now there are a lot of people rediscovering honey buckets. From my days in the Alaska bush if you have a five gallon bucket and lid and some kitchen trash bags you got the makings of an emergency honey bucket. Save the water you got for drinking and hand washing. Best of luck to you.


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