why are people dumpster diving for food?

Why are people dumpster diving for food after hurricane Sandy?

Starving New Yorkers Resort To ‘Dumpster Diving’ In Desperate Attempt To Find Food In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Fox new on Dumpster Diving after Hurricane Sandy

ABC news on Dumpster Diving after Hurricane Sandy

People need safe shelter, clean water, and food during an emergency. When these are not available people will panic. How else can you explain people going through dumpsters for food that grocery stores have thrown out? Dumpster food may be ok for rats but I would hardly consider it safe for human consumption. I am hoping that MRE rations and water will make it to those in need soon. I wonder what these communities prepared for emergency wise before Sandy. Did their plans include food and water distribution? When power was out for a week in my area, local churches were organizing meals, non-perishable food, bottles of water, and even bags of ice. I was impressed by how communities came together to look after elderly. I cannot overstate the value of  a strong united community.


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