Prepare your news both inside and outside of the storm area.

With the Internet moving at the speed of thought during an emergency, false, faked, and just plain wrong information can spread like wild fire.

Drudge Gets Pranked By Hurricane Sandy ‘Looters’: Are Trolls Good For The News?

Drudge Gets Pranked By Hurricane Sandy ‘Looters’: Are Trolls Good For The News?

Hurricane Sandy prompts fake storm photos

Fake Hurricane Sandy shark photo migrates to Chinese web

You have to be careful where you get your news in an emergency. The other side of the coin is in what is not reported. Sometimes it can be next to impossible to get the real picture. This is even harder when all you have is an emergency radio with a few stations. When power is out then it is likely that radio and smart phone become the only link to the outside world. Most of the fake, false, and misleading information is designed for those outside of the damage area who want to know what is going on. So it is equally important for those people to have a communication plan also.

So stay informed, develop a communication plan for inside an emergency and to track an emergency. Find good and balanced sources of information before an event. Make sure you know who will contact whom , when, how often, etc. so you can stay in touch with those people important to you. If you are outside the emergency think about subscribing to a feed so you do not have to spend time searching the Internet and have to worry about fake internet sites and scams.


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