a note on gas rationing

A note on rationing.

Back in the 70’s my uncle owned a gas station in California during the period of gas rationing due to the Middle East crisis. Rationing was determined by even and odd numbers that a license plate ended in. One interesting note from personnel experience was that people got gas because it was their day not necessarily because they really needed it. Until people adapted to rationing the rationing actually increased demand. Now look at 11/05/2012 and New Jersey which is now rationing gasoline. From the news reports I have followed I am seeing the same behavior. That being people who may not really need gasoline are buying gasoline because it is their day. So demand may be even greater with rationing than without! Given enough time people will adapt their purchases to rationing. It would become predicable so demand would be based on real use. However, I do not expect rationing to last long enough for people to adapt. It is more likely that power will be restored to gas stations and people will fall back into their old patterns.


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