be warm but also be safe

Be very careful with any heaters or open flames.

Another storm is coming and it is getting cold at night. After a week without power things can get damp. So people are doing things to keep warm that may not always be the safest. Now I can make a stove from gasoline, 100 plus proof booze, etc. But just because I know how does not mean I should. For those of you who do not know how, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Play it safe, that also goes for using real heaters. Remember ventilation because carbon monoxide can KILL. Also, if you have fire extinguishers keep them handy if you have any open flame. At this stage in the game 11/5/2012 there are still a million people without power. I am hearing that it may be weeks. Now is the time to think about sharing resources in your community. There are going to be people who have no place to go as schools are reopened. There will be thousands with no place to go for a while. This week the elderly without power will be having a rougher time of it. So neighbours and friends may wish to create their own shelter to house friends and family or neighbours who may become friends. If you have safe heating, by sharing you may prevent a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. You may also help make a miserable situation a little better. I remember when our power was off of over a week. Our neighbours got power days before and my family was able to take showers at their place. That really made things much easier to take.


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