We need neighbors helping neighbors!!!!

We needs neighbors helping neighbors!!!

It is now Monday 11/5/2012 and a storm is coming this week. What I am now seeing are those communities that work together and those that do not.

Here is just one example of neighbors helping neighbors http://www.climatemama.com/blog/4622

There are still a million people without power. Now is the time for communities to come together and help one another. Each day without power now can greatly impact groups at risk such as the elderly. The communities that work will be checking on the elderly in their communities. They will be organizing cleanup activities. These will be the groups holding pot lucks or block parties using turkey fries and grills to cook hot food. This is also the time will we will see community leader emerge. I hope to see youth groups, church groups, and other community groups working together to keep a bad situation from getting worse.


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