Fears, uncertainty, etc.

Well the election is over, finally!!!

Unfortunately, I see an undercurrent of fear and uncertainty in a segment of the population. I expect this to further full certain survivalist movements and sales of emergency and survival preparedness items. To better understand this lets just look at a few items from 11/07/2012.

Trump’s Twitter rant after Obama win: ‘We should march on Washington and stop this’
Comments like this do not help to unite a nations but to further divide and to increase fear and distrust.

Kremlin Cheers Obama Election
There are those who do not trust Russia, China, etc. seeing posts like this raises questions and fears in some minds.

Changing USA demographics
The world is not the same as the one I was born into 52 years ago. This tipping point was expected but change can be scary. America will never be the same from this point on and the future is a new road. What is new and unknown can be very scary to the human mind.

“Leading a country that has not been so divided since the Civil War”
This election was very dividing in so many ways. The popular vote was clearly split. In many ways there was a clear them versus us mentality.

Distrust of mainstream media at all time high, poll says.
Distrust by some of the mainstream media was high before the election. Certain actions by mainstream media during the election only increased this distrust. Add to that the Internet tribalism. This being people going to social media that reflects their personal view and which tend to reinforce those views. In many ways the social media has divided America more than it has united America.

From a personnel note I have friends who buy and sell ammo. Today, after the election there seems to be a very high demand for bulk ammo. This is driven by a number of fears and uncertainties.

Finally, for some reason humans seem to be attracted to Apocalyptic scenarios.  With the Internet is has become very easy to feed ones fears. For you can find something on the Internet to reinforce almost any belief. It is also easier for people to find others with similar beliefs.

I just wanted to put something together to hopefully help people understand one another. I will be posting advice on this blog as time allows. I hope to help people avoid wasting money on disaster and survival preparedness purchases. Because I expect sales on this items to go up again based on the above items listed and other fears not listed.


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