It takes a community

I am continuing to write about the show “Doomsday Prepper” because it represent the most extreme side of emergency preparedness.  It makes a good foil to examine different issues. One thing that the “experts” who evaluate the preppers on the show got right was the need for community. I lived in Alaska for a number of years in my early adult life. Every year you got people who wanted to go into the wilderness and live off the land. It did not work out very well for many of these people. One reason was that things go wrong. Accidents happen, a chainsaw blade can break, bones get broken, in short, shit happens. When it happens and you are alone without anyone to take care of you things go from bad to worse. When I talked to the old timers both native and white (most who have since past away) one of the worst things that could happen to someone was to be cast out of the community. Preparing for a MAJOR disaster has to involve working with your community or forming a functional community. I have seen some great examples of this such as annual pancake feeds that practice feeding large numbers of people. Another simple example was drives to make sure everyone in a community had working fire detectors. Citizen Corps has a whole webinar library on community preparedness and how to get started. See
Strong communities identify and prepare for risks based on impact and probability. They plan to thrive while others hope they survive. It takes people working together, neighbor helping neighbor.


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