change happens, even with chicken feed

On a side bar of preparing, plants for poultry feed. Here is the background. My family has been raising a few types of rare farm poultry since 1997. These are ranged birds that are supplied with feed but do a lot of foraging. Every fall we used to get pumpkins and squash to feed them in the winter. Well the free food is no more. So I am now working on testing some new plants that may work as a winter feed. The plants I am looking at are:

  1. Canna lily. I have found some of the edible varieties. This plant is still used as a starch in parts of the world.   &
  2. 2.       Jerusalem Artichoke. I have had luck growing these in the past.
  3.  Psoralea hypogaea (=Pediomelum hypogaeum) “Little indian breadroot”
  4.  Apios Americana or ground nut.   
  5.  Lathyrus tuberosus.–(wholesale)-static.pdf
  6. Chinese Mountain Yam Dioscorea batatas


These are outside the norm but I believe that they offer some benefits in my area. For there are a number of insects and diseases that target any member of the squash family in my area. Without chemicals I am likely to lose most of the plants I grow. So I am targeting plants they may be less susceptible in my area. Like I always say things change and you have to change your preparedness. In this case the preparedness is for my winter feed. This also shows that many times learning must accompany change.


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