critters, critters everywhere !!!!

It is 11/8/2012 and my annual battle with the rodents has started. You see I live in an area where every year artificially high levels of rodents breed in the farm land around my property. When fall comes the fields are harvested and no more food and shelter for the rodents. The rodents then make a forced march to my farm. So for the next three months I will be working to reduce their numbers. Many people do not really understand their local wildlife. They believe that they were here first. Well as the article below clearly shows that is not always the case. Sprawl supports a lot more critters than a people-free forest does. For many species, sprawl’s biological carrying capacity—the population limit the food and habitat can sustain—is far greater than a forest’s. What has happened is that humans have created now ecosystems that can support high levels of populations of certain critters. The critters are well adapted and many times are only controls by being hit by cars or depleting the food supply and being overcome by starvation and disease. When major event hit human inhabited areas critters are impacted also. Since critters also wish to eat, drink, etc. they can come into conflict with people. Just take the beaver for example, it causes serious monetary damage. Beavers are just one of many critters that have made major inroads into suburbs. When a community is making preparedness plans then critters also need to be taken into account. As for me, I will be following my annual Fall rodent response plan.


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