Dealing with mold

Cold weather, some flooding, and no power can make mold and mildew an issue with Hurricane Sandy. Some homes did not flood but depend on sump pumps and dehumidifiers to keep basements free of moisture.  Much of the damage from Hurricane Sandy was caused by heavy rains, wind damage and flooding.  Once moisture enters a structure, it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to begin growing. So here are some useful tips to deal with this issue.

Hurricane Sandy Victims Told to be on the Lookout for Mold. Just some general info on the problem.

Center for Disease Control on Mold and dampness. Some background on effects of mold and dampness from a reliable source.

Calcium chloride (road salt used for deicing) can be used as an inexpensive means of dehumidifying your indoor spaces. When I lived in Alaska calcium chloride was used extensively for boats and cabins to keep mold and mildew in check. This is also simple to make, just put calcium chloride in an old pair of pantyhose and hand it over a bucket. The calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the air and because saturated. The salty water will then drip into the bucket.

Cleaning mold information from a reliable source.


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