Oh who we have changed, and are changing

How the our view of the world has changed.

In 1931 the first edition of “The Joy of Cooking” had a recipe for cooking raccoon. Go to http://savorysaltysweet.com/tag/joy-of-cooking/and you will see recipes for raccoon, beaver, and many other wild game. In the old days those without a lot of money got more of their protein from wild game and fish. The amount of the family income spent on food was much higher than it is today. So supplementing the food budget had a big impact on the family budget. What we see as proper food is very much a cultural thing. It also changes over time. When I moved to the Midwest in the 1990’s sushi was considered bait for fishing. Many of the people I knew would never think of eating RAW FISH!!! Today in the year 2012 you can find fresh sushi in many of the grocery stores. The culture has changed.


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