On the clips from Practical Preppers

I was watching some clips from Doomsday Preppers prepared by Practical Preppers. The clips look very professional but are like looking at the world threw rose colored glasses. Here are two examples. First one was on fishing using a device they prepared. It was basically a hook, several feet of mono fishing line, all wrapped around a PVC cap that had the side cut out. You see a hook put on the line and the next thing you know they are pulling out a massive catfish. I thought I was watching a commercial for the pocket fisherman. In real life it does not work that way. Size matters in many things. Such is the case in fishing. You really need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to catch. You also need to know what you are trying to catch eats. In a farm pond like they were fishing in on the clip you are more likely to have success with pan fish such as bluegills. These fish require small hooks and light line. You are also likely to have hooks snag and get stuck in fish. This being the case you really want several hooks on leader. You want the leader to be weaker than your fishing line so if the hook gets snagged you do not lose all your line. What should happen is that the line will break and you can just put another hook with leader on the line and be back in business. None of this was explained on the clip.
On another clip you were shown how to use a simple PVC pipe and line with a sliding stopper to get water out of a well when the power is off. Again it is what they did not show you that matters. Most non-working wells are locked or welded shut. Most working wells will have some kind of pump at the bottom of them such as a shallow well pump. Jet pumps are mounted above the well, either in the home or in a well house, and draw the water up from the well through suction. When you go deeper than 25 ft. for your water you have to separate the jet from the motor and impeller housing and placing the jet assembly down in the water. In a typical deep-well jet-pump configuration, one pipe mounted to the impeller housing drives water down into the jet body that’s located about 10 to 20 ft. below the minimum well water level. A second pipe connects the output side of the jet body back to the pump. What they clip did not show you, was that all this hardware has to be removed before you can use the PVC pipe system. Otherwise there is not enough room to get the PVC pipe down to the water. Presenting survival information in the manner it was presented may be ok to give a novice some general ideas and to sell product. However, the error of omission that it creates can lead people with a false understanding of how to really deal with such a survival situation. Always remember to trust but verify. This also applies to any infomation I post.


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