Did Mitt Romney fail to prepare for election day?

Did Romney lose the ground game because of ORCA?

This blog is about being prepared for emergencies, disasters, etc.
It is now emerging that one factor leading to Romney’s loss was the poor ground game on voting day. There seems to have been a software called ORCA that was to play a big role in Romney’s ground game. By all account this software failed.


Bothe Romney and Obama had prepared ground games to get out the vote election day. Obama’s ground game relied on “an extraordinarily sophisticated database packed with names of millions of undecided voters and potential supporters,” says The New York Times. This database was used to coordinate the boots on the ground to target new voters. This approach  proved very effective. Now Romney was relying on ORCA to monitor the vote and coordinate the boots on the ground to maximize turnout. In theory it would identify areas for workers to focus on.  
There were reports that the Orca app crashed on Election Day, and wasn’t beta-tested sufficiently.


This is not surprising. You will see example of this on Black Monday following Thanksgiving. Every year websites crash because they were not design to handle the demand placed on them that day. Many companies now have backup plans and prepare for worse case scenarios. If the reports I have been reading are correct there was no plan B for ORCA. In fact some reports claim that ORCA was reporting a Romney win well into the voting day.

Being prepared means identifying and managing risks. I information technology it is common to skimp on testing due to time and money constraints. Many times this type of behavior leaves you totally unprepared to plan for issues that may arise. You are left with testing in a production environment. By all appearances Mitt Romney tested ORCA live and paid the price by losing the ground game. Just look at the low Republican turnout.


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