Doomsday Preppers – too many guns

Doomsday Preppers -Too many guns.
Now I was taught about firearms by several very knowledgeable people when I was very young. We were taught to respect and behave responsibly around firearms. People did not fear kids bringing guns to school. In fact I attended Kent Meridian High School in Kent Washington. Where I personally loaded several thousand rounds of rifle and shoot gun shells for the school gun club. I would bring my gun sitting in my VW bug to school every Friday to go to the shooting club after school and shoot several sets of clay birds.  I give this background because I do not believe being prepared means having your own armory. There are three basic types of firearms that are worth owning. The first one is a handgun. I was taught that a handgun is all about personnel protection. If you draw it you better be prepared to use it. So if you cannot hit what you are aiming at, or you will hesitate to use it, or you do not have the good sense to know when to draw it and when not to, you should not carry a handgun. I do not currently carry one because I cannot hit the broad side of a barn due to vision problems, getting old can be a bummer.
The second firearm is the shotgun. It is the most versatile of all firearms. It has been used by the military, police, and hunters. Many models allow one to change barrels or chokes so many different types of ammo can be used from fine shot to slugs.
The third type of firearm is the rifle. Now many people today are purchasing semi-auto rifles with large capacity magazines such as the AK-47 and its kin. While other people prefer firearms specialized for hunting. If you watched Doomsday Preppers you would get the impression that you have to have an “assault” rifle to survive. But that is not always the case.
With all of these firearms you need training on how to use it properly. Many people who purchase handguns obtain concealed carry permits. They get a background check and are trained and verified that they know the laws and can properly handle their fire arm. Owning the others may not require this degree of training but one should be just as well capable and knowledgeable with them if they own them.
The next thing is if you own them you need to train with them. Many experts feel you should practice with your firearm once a week. This is sound advice if you are carrying a handgun. I have seen many “HUNTERS” who take their fire arm out once a year to go hunting. I have also seen a number of hunting accidents caused by these same types of “HUNTERS” because they did not know how to properly take care of and handle their firearm.
That now brings me to the comment at the start of this blog, too many guns. If you walk into many pawn shops you will see a lot of guns. The reason is that many guns hold their value. So some people purchase them as a hedge against inflation. Many times this collecting leads to many makes and models. This presents an issue with ammo because you have to have ammo for each make and model. Some people solve this by only buying firearms that use the same type of ammo. However, guns break, in normal times this is not a big issue because you just take it to a gunsmith and get it fixed. But if you are a Doomsday prepper you are going to need spare parts for your firearms. Having many types means many more spare parts. The next issue is keeping in practice. If you have several of the same make and model you do not need to practice with every one every time. You can rotate them out and work on standardizing the behavior so they all shot the same. When you have different makes and models it is not uncommon for them to shoot slightly differently. This means you have to stay familiar with each one. You spend less time with each one and will likely burn up more ammo in training.  At some point of owning many makes and models you reach a negative return on being prepared. This is why most military and police standardize around a few types of firearms.
So this is why I say the “Doomsday Preppers” have too many guns.


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