Don’t do this at home – Doomsday preppers

Don’t do this at home

Back on 02-06-2012 Kristin Montalbano in anticipation of the premiere of Doomsday Preppers some bloggers were sent videos of the show to get their opinions. The blogs are listed below. Having watched the first season I think the producers did a fair job of presenting the facts in a fair manner. 

The Doomsday Preppers Blog Carnival
Posted by Kristin Montalbano in Doomsday Preppers on February 6, 2012

The shows experts were Scott Hunt & David Kobler who have a business practical preppers.

This show is designed to attract viewers. As in any reality show they have to focus on those elements that will have a higher entertainment value. Things like weapons, defense, bug out exercises, etc. So a show like this can give one the wrong impression of what preparedness is all about. The people on the show are real people who believe they have identified a real risk. They have then prepared plans to deal with this risk. Now the show is targeting doomsday scenarios so these are more extreme cases. However, people identify and deal with risks every day. Stealing a line from Benjamin Franklin ,”By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Practical Preppers have this quote on their website and it is very true. It is also true that you have to identify your own risks and based on impact and probabilities prepare to address those that you see as needing to be addressed. When you do prepare I hope you spend the time required to understand the risk and the alternatives to addressing the risk.

As for the Blogs below, one thing you will notice when you look at the bloggers below is that they all seem to sell or have sponsors who sell products. They all offer advice on different aspects of being prepared. You have to sort through both the advice and the products based on your situation.  It always comes down to trust but verify. Always remember buyer beware, it is up to you to be a knowledgeable consumer.


Survivor Jane

The Apartment Prepper’s Blog


Prepper Website

Tactical Intelligence

SHTF Blog (SHTF = $h!t Hits The Fan)

Food Storage and Survival

Modern Survival Blog.

2012 Blog


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