If you’re willing to work hard, you can prepare for the days ahead.

“No one can stop the new day from happening, but if you’re willing to work hard, you can prepare for the days ahead, and fully aware that you can influence your fate and destiny”, Kemmy Nola.
Many times I have seen people who do not think they can do X so they do not even try. In many cases it would require hard work and determination to prepare to do X. Why is there an eraser on a pencil? Because we make mistakes!! Not everyone learns to spell great, for many it takes practice, practice, and practice to master spelling. But many times practice and determination can count more than raw talent. The same goes for being prepared. Say I decide I need to address possible higher prices for fresh produce this summer. There are many ways I could deal with this risk. Say I decide that a garden in my backyard would be the best way but I cannot do it so I do nothing. Sometimes you have to walk before you can crawl. So instead of giving up, you start with your first step and learning. You do a little research and find that you can grow put together five containers to grow tomatoes. This is a small step, it is low risk, and it allows you to develop gardening skills. So you can take the first step in preparing to have your ideal garden. For what you have learned the summer growing tomatoes you can learn from your mistakes and gain in understanding that you would not have had without having grown those tomatoes. The next summer you can improve on your tomatoes and add a similar plant like peppers. You can join garden blogs and other social media and share your experiences and learn from the experiences of other gardeners. By effort and hard work you can become a master gardener who has the skill to grow a significant percentage of summer vegetables.  Is the path always a straight line, no there will be setbacks and obstacles to be overcome.  To many times we see these as failures. When in reality they are just the price of learning. We have to put these into perspective and learn from them. Humans are optimistic by nature. ”On average, we expect things to turn out better than they wind up being”. (http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2074067,00.html)
[Once we are made aware of our optimistic illusions, we can act to protect ourselves. The good news is that awareness rarely shatters the illusion. The glass remains half full. It is possible, then, to strike a balance, to believe we will stay healthy, but get medical insurance anyway]

So we can understand our optimistic view as it relates to risks in life. As the study above states we can believe we will stay healthy but prepare by purchasing medical insurance. We expect a bountiful container of tomatoes and prepare for the risk of disease and insects. We can also put setbacks into perspectives and learn.


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