It’s all about lifestyle.

It’s all about lifestyle.

Being prepared is a lifestyle issue. There are those who react to events that impact their lives. And there are those who prepare and plan to influence events that impact their lives. We all decide, for even doing nothing is a decision in and of itself. Many times the choices are small. Do we skip some extras when we go shopping and make sure we have some flash lights? If we live in an earthquake area do we spend the money to secure our hot water heater? Should I spend the money on a water storage bag that fits in the tub if I live in an area that gets hit with hurricanes? Our life style has a lot to do with how we identify, plan for, and deal with risks. For example let’s look at one of my favorite extreme examples. The people on the doomsday preppers show. Take away their guns and bunkers and many have a life style very similar to a sustainable community like milkwood ( Many organic farms and communities seek a simple back to nature lifestyle. They work to produce much of what they need in a manner they deem good for the environment. Both groups are living the way they are based on the lifestyle that matches their goals and cultural values. Unfortunately, many do not want to adjust their lifestyle to identify, plan for, and prepare for risks. It is short of like the old children’s story of the ant and the grasshopper. There is a price in time, money, and effort to prepare. Since it is a risk that has only a probability of occurring, many people choose to ignore the risk and continue with their life styles. This even happens when you would think people would have to act. Like making such smoke detectors work, kitchens have fire extinguishers, etc.


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