It is always the end of the world as we know it

It is always the end of the world as we know it.

Mankind has always seemed to have a fascination with apocalyptic predictions. Now do not take me wrong billion dollar natural disasters do happen. I have personally witness them. Civil unrest and riots to happen, I have watched the bricks fly. And there has been a war somewhere in the world every month I have been alive. So shit does happen.
Asteroids, super volcano’s, etc. have happened in the past and will likely happen again. The question is what is the real risk? There are people who believe the probabilities of doomsday events are high. Just take one of my favorite shows to us as an example “doomsday preppers”. These people have evaluated the risk level of certain doomsday events to be high enough that they are willing to change their lifestyle in order to address these risks.
In my case I depend on a modern pharmacy to make sure I keep functioning. I run out when the drugs run out!! So if I evaluated the risk of a doomsday event as high I would likely prepare for the risk in regards to my grown children. For myself I would have a bottle of very fine scotch for when the prescriptions run out.
My natural disaster preparedness, now that include making sure I have extra medication and identifying alternate doctors outside my area in case my doctor is not available.  In my current situation I rank these risks as high enough to prepare for such an event.


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