Think before you act!!!

Think before you act!!!

There is currently a “Secession Petitions Grow On White House Website”

Now being prepared means understanding the upside and downside of an action before you take that actions. In the world of the Internet nothing is private and once you submit something it could follow you your whole life. So I am always telling my children and young co-workers when in doubt do not publish, post, comment, etc.

So let’s look at the above petition. What is the possible upside of signing this petition? America fought it civil war which determined that the union is indivisible. I think it is fair to say that getting a peaceful secession would be unthinkable when the country is so split. So without some black swan event this petition is nothing more than a means of venting. There are thousands of ways you can vent. Some are even useful. So here is the question for those thinking of signing this petition. Is the benefit of signing this great enough to offset any possible long term negative risk that could possible develop now or in the future?  If you cannot give me a resounding YES, then don’t sign this petition!!!!

It is all about risk management.


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