It is all about lifestyle

Yet another insight from “Doomsday Preppers”.

The lifestyle you live is generally determined by how you make a living. In the past making a living was heavily related to food and shelter. The resources you had based on you ecosystem and economic system determined the lifestyles available to you. That is why you will find people in similar environments developed similar lifestyles. Lama herders and sheep herders lived in different continents but you will find many similarities. So how does this related to “Doomsday Preppers”? Practical Preppers always comments on food replenishment. How will you feed your people and animals when your stored food runs out? The question really is what lifestyle you are prepared to live. Are you prepared to be a farmer, herder, fisherman, hunter gatherer, etc. Your resources, environment, and skills will determine to a great extent how you will live. Your community will dictate how much you will specialize. For example COSTA RICA did not have a space program. Franklin Ramón Chang Díaz wanted to be an astronaut. So he came to America and through hard work became a NASA astronaut. So if you wish to go beyond survival it takes a village so some degree of specialization can take place. The specialization will be limited by food production and available skills or recorded skills that can be learned when needed. Replenishment is really how you will live your life.


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