Every Thanksgiving

Every year around Thanksgiving, people will be frying turkeys. Now being prepared for an emergency is all about risk. This year several people will be burned and some will catch their house on fire frying a turkey. It’s not like there is not great information on the Internet on how to fry a turkey. We live in a time where one can find good information on so many things. You do have to verify your sources. But for frying a turkey you can watch any number of videos and compare them. So one can hardly blame a lack of information on frying turkeys for the emergencies that will happen this Thanksgiving. I guess it comes down many time to not believing it can happen. Humans are optimistic by nature. I have blogged a bit about this in the past. Because of this we tend to downplay the risk of something happening. We can also get careless while doing something we have done many times. You might call this human nature. Risk is about something having a probability of happened. It is not a sure thing. Think of it as throwing the dice. Sometimes you can have a long time before snake eyes show up. Well in life we tend to down play the risk until it happens to us or we experience it through a third party. We have to understand and appreciate the risk before we can weigh it properly. That is why many times people who move into a new area do not understand the risks of natural disasters in the area. The old timers do understand and prepare. So great communities that are growing tend to develop programs to educate their community on risks members of their community may face. You see firefighters going to schools. You may find smoke detectors being given away. You may see programs before hurricane season. There are countless examples. Unfortunately, for many such efforts are ignored. For those it comes down to a belief that it cannot happen to me.


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