Prepared for the gold rush of 1898?

Every person traveling to the goldfields of the Yukon Territory were required to take along one years worth of supplies. Every dealer of goods was ready to tell them exactly what they needed, and would sell the products to them at a very high price. There were also many how-to books for th prospector. Many were written by people that were never in the wilderness, let alone the Yukon.

I thought it would be interesting to compare a years’ worth of supplies needed for one man. Below is a list from 1898 for supplies needed in the goldfields in the Yukon Territory. Take a look and compare it to the websites selling a year’s worth of food and/or supplies.



200 pounds of bacon

400 pounds of flour

85 pounds assorted dried fruit

50 pounds cornmeal

35 pounds rice

24 pounds coffee

5 pounds tea

100 pounds sugar

25 pounds fish

15 pounds soup vegetables

50 pounds oatmeal

50 pounds dried potatoes

50 pounds dried onions

25 cans butter

100 pounds beans

4 dozen tins condensed milk

15 pounds salt

1 pound pepper

8 pounds baking powder

2 pounds baking soda

1/2 pound mustard

3/4 pound ginger

36 pounds yeast cakes

60 boxes of matches

5 bars of soap



1 suit oil clothing

3 pairs snag-proof rubber boots

3 pairs heavy shoes

1 dozen heavy socks

6 pairs wool mittens

3 suits heavy underwear

2 pairs Mackinaw trousers

2 pairs overalls

2 hats

4 heavy woolen overshirts

1 Mackinaw coat

1 heavy rubber-lined coat

suspenders, hankerchiefs, snow glasses

2 pairs of heavy woolen blankets

2 oil blankets

4 towels

buttons, thread, needles

5 yards mosquito netting



1 large bucket

1 set granite buckets

2 axes, plus extra handle

2 picks



1 shovel

pack strap

6 files

drawing knife

brace and bits

jack plane


3 chisels

butcher knife

200 feet, 3/8- inch rope

10 pounds pitch

5 pounds oakum

2 caulking irons

15 pounds nails



whet stone



quartz glass


2 frying pans

coffee and tea pot

40 pounds of candles

eating utensils: plate, cup, knife fork, spoon

pots and pans

steel stove for 4 men

gold pan

gold scales


Also additional items were noted, such as: medicines, reading matter, guns, ammunition and personal items.


Source: Jones, Charlotte Foltz.  Yukon Gold, The Story of the Klondike Gold Rush , New York: Holiday House, 1999, 33-34.


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