Do you really understand what risk is?

You know when I talk to young adults about risks in life and being prepared for them they always think of gloom and doom events. First a risk event can be positive or it can be negative. It is something that has a probability of happening it may or may not actually happen or it may happen but we do not know when. These are events that can impact our lives and/or those we care about. Using this definition a job interview comes under a risk event. For our jobs have a great deal of influence on how we live our lives. We cannot predict everything that can happen at a given interview. However, we can determine those items that are most likely to increase our chances or to lower our chances of getting the job. We can choose to be prepared for the interview or we can go in blind. We can learn from others how to prepare for the interview. With the internet we can learn a great deal about the company. Sometimes we can even learn about the people who will be interview us. We can put together a interview plan and act on that plan. We can increase the risk of successfully getting the job. Unfortunately, many young adults do not understand this and go from interview to interview until someone decides to hire them. Instead of getting the career they dream of they are likely to get a paycheck and resent what they could have had.


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